Spiritual Mothers

Spiritual Mothers is a prayer apostolate of Saint John Vianney College Seminary that devotes regular prayer support to our college seminarians. Spiritual Mothers are called to daily prayer, works of mercy and the particular sacrifice of fasting –- however they are able -– twice a year. With the example of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Spiritual Mothers offer these gifts to support the SJV seminarians.

Prayer of a Spiritual Mother

Lord Jesus,

Thank you for the gift of priesthood and for all men whose lives of self-donation make possible Your sacramental presence, which is our very life and sustenance.

Together with all Spiritual Mothers of Saint John Vianney, I offer my prayers, fasting and works of mercy for the seminarians and the staff who support them.

As men in Christ, may they know deeply that apart from You they can do nothing.
As men of the Church, may they be drawn into Your own spousal love for Your Bride.
As men for others, may they see You everywhere and in everyone.

May each receive wisdom and all the particular gifts and graces he needs to discern the Father’s will and to respond with abandonment and trust.

Dear Mother Mary, in your powerful Queenship, crush any evil underfoot; cloak them in your mantle of safety and love.

Dear St. Joseph, guide them on the steady path of the Father’s will, as you so tenderly led the Holy Family through the perils and joys of this earthly life; pray for these men entrusted to your care.

Dear St. John Vianney, intercede for these seminarians living under your patronage. May they be endowed with the humility and simplicity that marked your faith and holy priesthood.


With the example of the Blessed Mother Mary as the spiritual mother of all, the Saint John Vianney Spiritual Mothers strive to support the seminarians and staff of Saint John Vianney College Seminary through daily prayer, fasting, and works of mercy. The Spiritual Mothers prayerfully support the seminarians’ vocational call to be “Men in Christ, Men of the Church, Men for Others.”

Spiritual Mothers are called to daily prayer, works of mercy, and the particular sacrifice of fasting twice a year on the Fridays just before the Spiritual Mother prayer mornings at the seminary, which occur twice per year in the fall and spring. Spiritual Mothers will be given a list of the seminarians, should you wish to pray for particular individuals. While financial gifts to Saint John Vianney are always appreciated, Spiritual Mothers are not called to material expressions of support for individual seminarians.

For information on joining the Spiritual Mothers, please email us at and include your name and contact information. A member of the group will get back to you to confirm your registration.

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