SJV seminarians experience great joy and vitality from their fraternal life, which includes a wide variety of extracurricular activities. From Frisbee, football games, and wiffle ball tournaments to talent shows, music ensembles, and chess tournaments, there is something for everyone.

Floor Life
Floor life is one of the primary ways the seminary fosters fraternity, boosts morale, and supports each seminarian on his journey to holiness. SJV has four residential floors with approximately 25 students per floor, creating a local community within the larger seminary. Each floor chooses a patron saint, organizes outings and activities, participates in Monday evening meetings with night prayer, and forms teams for various competitions. In addition, each seminarian is assigned a floor chore to help develop personal discipline and service to his seminarian brothers.

Diocesan Fraternities
A diocesan fraternity meets every two weeks and includes men from the same diocese. They share fellowship through discussion, plan social and cultural activities, host off-campus trips and Sunday brunches, and organize visits with their vocation director.

Fraternal Groups
A fraternal group includes three to five men and is facilitated initially by an older seminarian. The groups meet every other week to support each other and to share their faith and personal life on a deeper and confidential life.

Community Meals
Understanding the importance of a shared meal, SJV has a community dinner on site every Tuesday evening. Seminarians take turns serving and cleaning up after the meal.

Campus Life
SJV retains its own priests and staff, but all seminarians are full-time University of St. Thomas students who participate in campus life as it aligns with our mission. SJV seminarians are trained to engage their peers with confidence and to become missionary disciples.

SJV's robust fraternal life of friendship and authentic masculinity challenges our men to not live on the surface of noise, distraction, and games but to develop a deep life of interiority and faithfulness to God's presence.

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