Photos of Tim Rethlake and Luke Spehar

SJV alumni help men walk through unplanned pregnancies

“I’m terrified to hold a baby.” A gentleman told Saint John Vianney College Seminary alumnus, Luke Spehar, this as they sat down at Pregnancy Choices pregnancy resource center in Apple Valley, Minnesota. The man’s wife was pregnant, and he was preparing to become a father.
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seminarian floor meeting

‘A place of deep community’: Upperclassman leadership is essential to seminary formation

Entering a countercultural existence can come with some culture shock. But the seminary is structured in such a way that help with the transition comes from fellow seminarians who went through the same process not so long ago.
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St. John Vianney College Seminary welcomes Fr. Jeffrey Norfolk to formation team

Father Jeffrey Norfolk, a priest of the Diocese of Sioux Falls, joined Saint John Vianney College Seminary as a formation adviser at the start of the 2022-23 academic year.
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seminarians saint thomas football

Brothers in abundance: How a college seminary and a college football team have formed a unique bond

The presence of Caruso’s Crew has become a source of unity and fraternity between a seminary, a football team and a university.
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phil roeser saint john vianney college seminary

SJV hires longtime business development leader Roeser to lead advancement efforts

Saint John Vianney College Seminary is pleased to announce the hiring of longtime friend and benefactor Phil Roeser to spearhead the seminary’s advancement efforts.
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