Alumni Ordination Feature: Deacon Matthew Pohlman ’20

Meet Deacon Matthew Pohlman (SJV ’20) from the Archdiocese of Omaha!
Biggest anticipated part of Ordination Day?
Lying prostrate in the sanctuary as members of our local Church call upon the saints’ intercession will be so special. I am grateful this Litany of Supplication and that posture of laying down my life is my final act before the Laying on of Hands and the Prayer of Ordination. 
Most looking forward to in the Priesthood?
Celebrating the Eucharistic Sacrifice with and for the People of God!
What do you miss the most from SJV?
Aside from cheering on the football team every Saturday (Go Tommies!), I miss helping out with Last Chance Mass for the university students. The formation program at SJV allowed us to not only think about ministry, but we were able to be evangelical witnesses on campus.
Currently reading?
All of the volumes from the “Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture” series. Now that I am preaching regularly as a deacon, I find these books all the more helpful for ministry.
How did SJV prepare you for what’s coming next?
The greatest thing SJV has done for me is teach me the discipline of prayer. The morning, communal Holy Hour at SJV instilled in me the habit of spending a significant amount of time with Christ everyday. It is a discipline, not done out of duty alone, but for love for God.
Favorite part of summer?
I love that the sun rises early and sets late in the spring and summertime. Praying Morning Prayer with a cup of coffee in hand at sunrise, and Evening Prayer with brother seminarians or deacons as the sun goes down, is a wonderful bookend to these brighter days.
Please pray for Deacon Pohlman as he prepares for Presbyteral Ordination on June 1, 2024 and for all of our alumni who will be ordained this spring!
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