Alumni Ordination Feature: Deacon Joshua Fons ’16

Meet Deacon Joshua Fons (SJV ’16) from the Diocese of Lansing!
Biggest anticipated part of Ordination Day?
Becoming a priest. Seriously, I’m very excited; it’s been a long journey. I entered SJV in the Fall of 2012, so, almost 12 years ago. It feels like years of preparation to finally get to the starting line, but it’s all been worth it.
Most looking forward to in the Priesthood?
Bringing Christ to his Church in the Sacraments. Preaching the Gospel. Stuff like that.
What do you miss the most from SJV?
The brotherhood. It really is a blessed place: a hundred men under one roof seeking after the Lord is powerful.
Currently listening to?
Jordan B. Peterson. He makes me think deeply about how to address important issues in homilies.
How did SJV prepare you for what’s coming next?
SJV taught me how to pray, how to be a good brother, and how to lead other men. I’d say all three of those are fairly important for a priest.
Favorite part of summer?
Getting outside for a hike, a run, or some disc golf.
Please pray for Deacon Fons as he prepares for Presbyteral Ordination on June 8, 2024 and for all of our alumni who will be ordained this spring!
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