Alumni Ordination Feature: Deacon Eric Artz ’20

Meet Deacon Eric Artz (SJV ’20) from the Diocese of Bismarck!
Biggest anticipated part of Ordination Day?
It is always so very profound to see a man lay on the marble as a sign of his complete gift of self to God and to the Church. As a man who has been more freed through seminary formation, I deeply desire to give my entire being as a gift as one who will share in the Priesthood of Christ the Bridegroom.
Most looking forward to in the Priesthood?
Since I was a little boy, I have always felt a deep desire to pray the Mass and to forgive sins. In less than a month I will be doing what no mere human could ever do on his own; that’s a very humbling thought.
What do you miss the most from SJV?
As I look back at my time at SJV, one thing I am most thankful for was the time of fraternity and profound friendship that God put in my life. God doesn’t form us through a “program” but through a series of relationships; we are formed through God lovingly working in others.
Currently reading?
I am currently reading Behold the Pierced One by Joseph Ratzinger. It contemplates Christ’s own prayer to the Father and how we are to imitate our crucified Savior in his own interior life.
How did SJV prepare you for what’s coming next?
SJV helped to facilitate my conversations with God in prayer. Through formation, spiritual direction, and my many brothers, SJV helped my heart to be still and tell God everything that was on my heart. In this space of vulnerability and intimacy I heard God’s voice and received his love for me. SJV taught me how to pray, and for a Priest this is what is most essential. I am truly grateful.
Favorite part of summer?
Gardening. It is very life giving and restful for me to cooperate in God’s gift of life and see how small seeds grow, struggle, and finally produce great fruit. It is a reminder for me that God always has so much more to bless us with when we remain open and receptive in spite of any trials or setbacks.
Please pray for Deacon Artz he prepares for Presbyteral Ordination on June 11, 2024 and for all of our alumni who will be ordained this spring!
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