How to become a Catholic seminarian

You or someone you know may be experiencing a call to discern the priesthood. Now what? Here's a guide to the practical next steps.

In the United States, aspiring seminarians with an undergraduate degree usually go to what's called major seminary. Younger, college-age seminarians attend -- you guessed it -- college seminary.

college seminarian

The road map to college seminary

Before a young man can become a priest, he must become a disciple. That's what college seminary is all about.

Preparing for the priesthood

Geared toward both college seminary graduates and men who discern their call later in life, major seminaries oversee what the Church calls the "configuration stage" of priestly formation. Each step of the journey brings a man closer to ordination.

major seminarian

Getting ready to get ready

The Vatican will soon require seminaries to institute a "propaedeutic stage" of preliminary formation before a man begins seminary life. The propaedeutic stage allows a man to detach himself from the world and focus on his relationship with Jesus, his community and himself before entering the seminary.

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